Monday, May 4, 2009

Wilson Lake

I was glad a few of the Emporia crew made it out to Wilson Lake for the Fat Tire Festival. I was a little sad that I couldn't make it for the whole weekend of events, but Sunday was well worth the one day trip. Others turned out as well, some even from Colorado, and made this year's race a lot larger then last year. Mike and myself decided if we came all that way we might as well step up to the expert plate and get a few extra miles of riding in. Garret, Bobby, and Dusty all had a go at the well stacked sport class and first timers Slayton and Brett made their racing debut. A heck of trail to do your first race on!

On the start line Mike and I decided we might have bitten off a little more then we could chew with a strong looking expert field. After the race, my body reminded me how brutal Wilson lake is. Not to mention there was a considerable amount of new trail that added to an already tough trail. I was glad to have gotten the extra riding time though. Garret and Dusty had a strong showing in the sport class. Bobby was able to escape the day with no bike part casualties. That usually makes for a better day. Slayton did great and is hooked. It only takes one race. I'm sure full results and pics will soon be up at golden belt's website. Check it out.

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