Saturday, October 25, 2008

What's new?

I know, once again I've let my updating slip. So, I won't make any promises that it will get better. What's new? My mama and gramma just left after spending 4 days with me. We had an excellent time and visited the Botanical Gardens and Graceland. The King had an amazing home and it was more fun then I had anticipated. However, their departure has made me quite homesick. Since the last post I made a trip to Baltimore. It was simply amazing. Beautiful sky line, amazing strolls along the harbor. My hotel was on the waterfront and I just can't explain how sweet it was. I had the most amazing shepherd's pie at an Irish pub in Fell's Point, listened to dueling piano's at Howl at the Moon, and sampled crab cakes at Phillip's. For now, I'm gonna get on the bike and explore the Tennessee country side. 

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