Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in the saddle!

Well, the final XC Heartland race was today. First and foremost these guys do a phenomenal job. Without them, there would be virtually no racing in the Midwest. So big ol' thanks to these fella's.

What to was a hot one. Luckily, I don't feel the heat is a problem for me. I usually work outdoors all summer and the AC still hasn't come on this year. Don't plan on it anytime soon either. This was also my first race since the DK. Matt had me paranoid after thinking I might be over training. I haven't been sleeping well lately and apparently that's a big sign of workin' it a bit too hard. Even so, I felt good at the race. I had my business socks on and it was business time! Unfortunately, my bike was not ready for business. I still am not really sure what happened, but there were some major rear brake malfunctions on the first lap. I probably bent something, but I'll investigate that later. After stopping a couple of times to take the wheel off and see if I could get the brake to either work or stop making noise, I had dropped to last place. I decided to forget the wheel and forged on. I picked off a few people and decided to stop again after the first lap. I fiddled with the wheel one last time and thought about just quitting. But, I figured I paid the money I might as well ride. Plus, the best water girl in the world (Thanks Crystal!) told me Garret was only a couple of minutes ahead of me. That was pretty encouraging. The next two laps went pretty well, I didn't know who I was passing or what place I was in. I just kept cranking away. I caught Garret, he had some mechanical issues as well and ended the day after his second lap. I checked the scores afterwards and I think I ended up 7th. But, I could have somehow read wrong, I'll have official scores soon.

But, I do know that Bobby finished 2nd place by only 5 seconds. Jim got 2nd place, Randy finished 3rd in the Sport class! Moving on up, that sandbagger oughtta be expert by now. Brendan got third just behind Bobby. I'm not sure how Jeff finished, but I know he didn't get last. Having fun is all that matters. Enough with the rambling I hope you get the picture. Should have pictures and full results linked soon!